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Here’s How You Can Beat Boredom With These Beauty Ideas

I think it’s safe to say that ‘bored’, is something a Style Queen never should be, especially when there are so many beauty ideas you can try.

– Paint your nails. This will keep you occupied plus make your nails look cute 😉

– Curl / straighten / do your hair. Play with your hair and try a new look.

– Practice your makeup skills.

– Take a bath. Preferably with a gorgeous bath bomb.

– Do a face mask. It’s all the rage for a reason.

– Get inspired by my Pinterest and Instagram feed

– Organize your makeup- Pinterest has some great ideas for how to do this.

– Try a beauty DIY- mix olive oil, brown sugar and honey to make an amazing lip scrub.

– Make a healthy smoothie. My personal favourite smoothie is banana, milk, yoghurt and honey.

– Make a Pinterest board with all of your favourite beauty tips, DIY’s, makeup looks, etc.

Share this post now to help conquer boredom together and comment below, how do like to spend your free time Style Queen?