These Are The Best Accessories That Every Teen Must Own

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This week on the blog we have a special guest post from Folsom & Co, here to tell you Style Queen, the best accessories you must add to your wardrobe now…

The teenage years are a defining period in the life of humans. It is the bridge between childhood and adulthood, and sometimes it is characterized by trying to fit in. For teenagers, these years see them striving to come into their own self and creating their own identity.

Fashion is very important to teenagers, as it is during these years that they first start to pay enough attention to their looks and carriage. There is a lot of experimenting at this stage, as each girl tries to figure out, what works best for her.

Accessories are about as important as the clothes they are worn with. Therefore, having the right accessories will do the perfect magic for every teenage girl, and make her stand out as a queen.

Bracelets And Bangles: Using accessories on your arms is a big fashion statement which shows confidence. There are different types of bracelets and bangles, a teenage girl can wear from chunky bracelets to dainty ones. There a lot of arm accessories to choose from including leather bands, wooden bangles, charm bracelets, shell bracelets, beaded bracelets, wristlets and many more. Having bracelets or bangles on can add a stylish effect to even a plain outfit. It is only important that the bracelets are styled rightly, without being too much.

A Pair Of Glasses: Big Framed glasses are back in vogue and definitely come in handy as a fashion accessory. A teenager can use glasses to create any type of look she wants, as she can wear them with both formal and casual wear. Bright colored frames are the best option, as they help in brightening up dull outfits.

Large Tote Bag: A large tote bag is definitely a much-needed accessory for every teen girl. This is because they give you a more mature look when compared to the conventional backpacks or knapsacks. They also are convenient, as there is enough room to fit in your stuff. Choose a large tote bag preferably of a neutral color, as they can be matched with any outfit.

Earrings: Every teen girl should have statement earrings, and also animal inspired earrings. They sell you off as being confident, while also ensuring you look good. A cat-ear stud is a great earring to consider.

Rings: Having a bunch of rings on your fingers would give you a trendy look. You could put up a delicate gold ring on two fingers of each hand, for a moderate effect. You need to be sure to not have an excessive number of rings on your hand, as it gives off a rebellious outlook.

Necklace: Nice necklaces should also be one of your possessions. There are a variety of styles of necklaces are suitable for different outfits and occasions. You can add a leather necklace to complete a street-inspired look, while a simple gold chain is perfect for a dinner dress.

Boots: Pairing your outfits with a boot, is a break from the norm of girly dresses and slip-ons. Wearing a pair of fashionable boots would give you a nice street look if you so desire. There are a variety of colors of boots you can choose from. You can go with a solid pattern, as they can easily go with any outfit.

Aviators: Aviators are a classic and will give you a unique look. You can choose a pair of modern gigantic aviator sunglasses for yourself to pull off a complete vintage look every now and then.

Wristwatches: Wristwatches are fashion items everyone should have. For teenagers, it could mark a coming of age. You should make a switch from rubber strap watches to metal and leather watches, as they are simple, stylish and sophisticated. (You can check out the best quality watches from Folsom and Co Watches)

Scarves And Beanies: Scarves and Beanies are necessities as they come in handy during the winter. For these items, bright colors rather than dull colors should be picked. When matching your winter outfit, ensure that bright colored scarves and beanies go with a neutral-colored outfit, to avoid looking overly colorful.

Chunky Chain Bags: Chain Bags are currently in Vogue, and could add an attractively rugged look to your outfit.

Stockings: Netted stockings and knitted socks also have their uses. Netted stockings can be worn under a short; with a face cap, and aviator sunglasses completing a chic look. Knitted socks, on the other hand, can come in handy, especially during the winter months.

Hair Elastics: Hair elastics help you maintain an attractive ponytail even as their attractive colors brighten up your looks. They are quite cheap, so you will be best served getting a variety of colors; to match with different outfits.

Rollerball Perfumes: Rollerball Perfumes are quite essential, as they are best for traveling. They are made of sturdy glass, so you do not run the risk of spilling your favorite perfumes. You can, therefore, have your favorite fragrance on any excursion or outing.

Tiaras And Crowns: Although they are not your everyday accessory, having a tiara or crown; or even both is not a bad idea. Choose one that is eye-catching, and it just might be part of your outfit to a dinner date.

Other accessories are wicker bags, silver bags, retro sunglasses, pearls and many more. Some accessories also come in vogue during certain seasons. It is important therefore to follow the trend and keep up with the latest fashion style.

In conclusion, matching the right accessories with the wrong outfit will do nothing to help your desired outlook. As a result, you need to know your body type, and what fits your frame. The season should also be duly considered when choosing your outfit. Picking the right outfits for your body type and the season will ensure that your accessories will accentuate your beauty, and leave you looking stunning.

Author Bio: Thomas is the Co-Founder of Folsom & Co. He started Folsom & Co. after following his passion of designing and creating new watches for all generations. His mission is to build a leading brand which makes watches a must wear accessory for everyone. Thomas works closely with designs that are inspired by San Francisco. All the watches are made of quality materials to get a nicely finished end-product at an affordable price.

What’s your favourite accessory Style Queen? Share and tell me in the comments below now!

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