Embellished Denim

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Photo credit @hellomolly The best denim pieces you have ever seen. Denim- arguably the most classic and timeless statement in any wardrobe. But, there are certain touches that can make a piece so much better. e.g.  

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All Black

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The Black Items Your Closet Needs One of the best colours/ shades you can ever invest in, is black. Not only does it have endless styling possibilities and opportunities, it is also, forever and always, timeless.  

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Summer of 89′

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The 80’s- 90’s throwback beach babe look. Everyone loves the beach- well at least I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t. And, fashion and style never stop- even at the beach. Depending on where in the world you are, this […]

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We Wish

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Photo credit @chloe Luxury items we can only wish for. (For now). These gorgeous (but expensive) items that we can only wish to own. But wishes still can come true. So basically, our goal wardrobe. (If you haven’t already found […]

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Comeback Time

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The 80’s trends that we need to bring back in 2018. So here’s the thing Style Queen, at the moment I am super obsessed with the 80’s. Plus a new year brings new fashion trends- or even old ones back. […]

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Why Style is More Than Fashion

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Photo credit @billinishoes Style and fashion- the same thing, right? Wrong. Being someone who is so passionate about both, this confusion between the two needs to be cleared up once and for all. First of all, what do each of […]

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Hi Heels

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The must have high heels of now Heels: the staple of every style lover’s wardrobe; the make or break item of an outfit; a self confidence boost at its’ best. An exaggeration? I think not, and if you’re here, I […]

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Stuff Stockings

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Stocking stuffers under $5. Organisation is key to beating all the stress that comes with Christmas- why become a mess instead of enjoying the best time of the year?! Christmas is my favourite time, plus, there’s a tonne of shopping […]

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