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The secret to how my skin is (finally) clearing.

Being someone who has tried everything to keep my skin clear- this was a lifesaver.

I had tried scrubs, routines, eating healthy (that never really seems to last long), swapping pillow covers daily, and the list goes on.

Finally I decided to try my own trick though.

A while back I had some marks on my leg (mosquito bite scars I think), and I was desperately trying to get rid of them before I left on holidays to Greece. (They are gone now by the way, thanks to some cream I forgot the name of-)

Anyway, during this whole process I put a fair bit of research in to find something (preferably household items/ natural remedies) that could help me get rid of these “scars”.

I found a bunch of different things, but one thing I read had sparked my interest at the time and seemed to stick with me- I can’t remember exactly, so don’t quote me. I saw something saying that olive oil seemed to contain some “natural antioxidants” that helped with skin/ healing skin (something loosely based around olive oil aiding skin recovery).

I had tried using olive oil on my leg but that didn’t help, but I had still remembered that.

Fast forward a few months, (maybe a couple of weeks ago), and I decided once and for all I was going to try one last thing to “fix” my skin.

I have kept a little tub of olive oil in my bathroom for ages now, I often use it as a natural lip balm, sometimes even as a hair mask, to strengthen my nails, etc.

Basically I had just used it as an all-round beauty product.

So anyway, I was going through my nightly routine when I had a sort of light-bulb-moment, when I thought, “If I’m using this olive oil for everything else, why don’t I try out using it on my skin? Plus isn’t olive oil great for recovering skin with all of its antioxidants? *flashback to what I had read*”

So, I massaged a fair bit on my face and went to sleep.

To my surprise, I woke up the next morning with clearer, brighter, healthier- looking skin.

I continued to do this every night for the past 2-3 weeks and am still continuing do this now. While my skin is not completely clear yet, I have noticed a massive improvement since  have started this trick. This can seem like a pretty lengthy process- but the results I have received are amazing!

This seems to have worked/ is working well for myself, but I don’t want to make any promises to you in case- as I am the only one (I believe) that has tried this.

I definitely encourage you to try it out, but please, if you do see any negative results (I really highly doubt you will) please stop. This is the type of thing that overnight you will see if it works for you and your skin type- which is exactly why I’m hesitant to guarantee results; what works for my skin, may not work for yours.

Hopefully this does work, please write to me at stylequeen101@mail.com or on Instagram @stylequeen101xo and let me know if this helps you 🙂

I can’t wait to hear from you Style Queen!


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