Quick Tips

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Slip moisturiser on your feet with socks overnight to wake up with beautiful smooth feet!

Make sure that your beauty blender is damp before you use it to apply your foundation- try it out and see how dewy and smooth your foundation will look.

Dry your hair with a cotton shirt instead of a towel to reduce split ends.

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Always prime before applying you makeup- always.

Use a dove bar of soap as a cleanser for your face.

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Olive oil works miracles on my skin overnight- I'm not sure if this is just because of my skin type but whenever I massage a little into my face before I sleep I always wake up with smoother and clearer skin.

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Leave Vaseline on your lips to wake up with super smooth lips.

Put your phone on plane mode to help it charge faster.

Or, if you're trying to save battery, turn off your phone's Bluetooth when you're not using the feature.

Relax + unwind with a facial mask-

Use a wide tooth comb instead of a regular one.

When applying mascara, wriggle your brush from side to side as you apply it to coat your lashes more. More coverage = Thicker looking lashes.

Use lip liner for a cleaner, long lasting lipstick.

Crinkled collar? Use a straightener to fix it in no time.

Use sunscreen daily.

Remove makeup with moisturiser- put some on a tissue and wipe off your makeup as you would with any cleansing wipe.

Pumice stones are amazing for exfoliating your skin- definitely something to invest in.

Tightline your eye with nude liner to immediately make your eyes look bigger.

Use olive oil as cuticle oil to keep your nails healthy for cheap.