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What’s almost as good as old style? New style.

(Christina Santelli from Style Me New.)


1. What is Style Me New?

‘Style Me New is a bi-coastal style concierge service providing personal shopping, closet make-overs and online shopping. We cater to the busy individual looking to maximize their personal style while minimizing the hassle. Style Me New provides an approachable and experienced solution to all your personal styling needs.’

2. What does Style Me New provide?

‘Closet redoes,  Personal wardrobe shopping,  Online shopping, Look books, special events,  some editorials, and we are rolling out a Curves style box for plus size women.

I love what I do and my clients pick up on that and they then have an incredible experience and begin to appreciate style and most importantly feel good about themselves’

3. Why should  we use Style Me New now?

‘To help all Style Queens look and feel their best!’

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