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These Insanely Cute Animals Can Help You Study

Now this may sound crazy Style Queen, but have you ever heard about the study that showed that looking at cute animal pics will actually scientifically help you study more effectively? Even though that sounds like a terrible knock-knock joke from one of those seemingly endless, cheesy, thick joke books (did any one else have those too?) I remember reading that ‘fact’ in one of those kids magazines when I was younger and it always just stuck with me.

Like seriously (channeling my inner Shaggy), did they just make it to encourage kids to look at cute animals? I don’t see any reason why they would do that.

All I remember reading was that cute animal pictures can help you focus more and work better, especially at school; was that a lie? I honestly don’t know but for the sake of these cute Gifs I’m going to say it wasn’t a complete myth and it was 100% truth and facts.

Am I allowed to do that? I don’t think so but I will anyway- ’cause I can.

I’m sure I can say with all honesty that these pictures definitely helped me study 1000 X better.

(OK, maybe I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit but I’m sure that they did help me a little.)


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