The Truth About It

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The real, valuable truth you need to know about makeup.

(A quick note to everyone- yes, everyone needs to read this. For the makeup lovers, for the cosmetics haters, for boys who assume girls wear it all for them, for girls who wear makeup for confidence- for literally anyone, and everyone.)


“Makeup is bad for girls.”

“It makes people think they aren’t good enough.”

“Young girls that wear makeup are either low self-esteemed or vain.”

Ridiculous, right


I’ve heard this too many times the past week and I’m fed up- now, I’m not going to have a rant, just explain how these statements are completely irrelevant, that’s all.

And only because they absolutely are.

Makeup is not a bad thing, and for those of you who think it is, settle down and put on some sunglasses ‘cause I’m about to shine a light on this.


Why does this all matter so much to me, you ask?

Because I love makeup; and the treatment it’s been getting lately that I’ve seen has made me so mad- especially about girls being allowed to wear it.

People saying makeup is “materialistic” and a symbol for “vanity”.

Can you all please stop and take a second to read this with an open mind.

Being someone who has always been allowed to wear it, it bothers me when people judge the lack of parenting skills behind girls that wear makeup; it bothers me that girls are referred to as vain and self-obsessed for wearing and liking it.

Something I hear all the time?

“Why do you wear makeup every day?  You don’t even need to wear it- it’s not like you’re trying to impress anyone.”

And for my first point, who the heck said that I was wearing it to impress you, or anyone else for that matter?

No one.

It is just fun.

Unbelievable to believe?

Mind bogglingly crazy?


For some reason, whenever I say I just like makeup- just because, people act like I’ve said I’m from Mars.


I see no reason whatsoever why girls should not be allowed to wear it if they like it, nor should they have to feel guilty for it either.

In fact, I encourage it as an essential part of discovering who you are.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone HAS to wear makeup or else, I’m saying that if they like it, they should have the choice.

If you think wearing cosmetics makes someone vain and self-absorbed, then seriously think about what a ridiculous statement that is.

For real.


Why do people have to be wearing makeup because they’re caught up in how they look?

I wear makeup because I like it.

I enjoy the process of applying it.

Putting it on is my favourite part of the day.

My whole life is dedicated to my love of style and makeup.

Am I vain because of this?

Do you think I’m “self-absorbed”?

Would you just assume that about me?


Makeup isn’t for everyone, so why are we forcing people to not wear, or wear it.

Because this street, absolutely goes 2 ways.

You have no reason to feel like you are obliged to wear it.

And vice versa.

If I like cars, not because of how they look, but because I enjoyed going for a drive, am I materialistic for liking cars?

“Of course not!” you say, “That’s just dumb.”


That’s just silly, isn’t it?


Well, it’s the same for makeup.

The exact same.


The second extreme I keep hearing all too much of:

“Girls that wear makeup have low self-esteem or are embarrassed of how they look”

You know what?

Maybe this is the case for some girls, maybe wearing it does boost their confidence, and so what if it does? Why does it bother you?

If it makes someone feel better, so what?

And NO, girls shouldn’t be made to feel like they are nothing without makeup, but if a girl has a confidence boost from it and enjoys wearing and applying it, why not?


Makeup is a completely personal and individual thing.

Would you say high heels are bad for a girl because it gives them a confidence boost?


Because it’s just something personal.

This, cars, and heels: they’re all the same when put into context of what we are talking about.

Please, don’t assume that when people wear makeup they are because they don’t like them self, or love them self too much, maybe they are, because they just like it.

Makeup is a form of art after all.

Would you tell someone they aren’t allowed to paint?


The only difference between the two, is that the canvas becomes your face.

Your face becomes your masterpiece.

Cosmetics are good, they just need to stop being looked at in the wrong light.

Comment and tell me your view; share the article.

Let’s get this message out in the world together.

Let’s remind people of the true power of makeup Style Queen.


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