Alright Style Queen, you came here to learn about me, right?

Probably in hopes to find about the mysterious girl behind this blog?

I feel bad now for getting your hopes up- you won’t find much personal info about me anywhere really, but I can tell you this:

I’m Australian, and I love style, beauty and fashion with a passion- (no I didn’t mean to make that rhyme).

I’m a minimalist, and if you’re following me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed my whole white + bright minimalist aesthetic, and my captions I like to think of as clever- I’ll let you be the decider of that though.

Seriously though, I started this blog to share with you Style Queens everything I know about style + beauty. Why? Because I love it. (And you too)

I like to think of Stylequeen101 as your stop for clean + concise advice (I did it again), plus somewhere to stop when you’re feeling bored.

There’s actually a lot more to do on this site than you think- I can guarantee.

Have you even heard of the “What’s New” or “Quick Tips” page? Take a look- they’ll keep you entertained for ages.

Also, you should share this site around with your friends, the more Style Queens, the better.

Like that saying: “The more the merrier”, yeah, it’s true.

Do you know why? More Style Queens = More stuff.

By stuff I just mean more blog posts, more inspiration, more tips, more photography, more reviews- more everything actually.

Sounds good? Thought so 🙂


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